Why us?

Committed to vendors

Our primary objective is to secure the best possible price for you with the most suitable buyer. Our vendors can be certain of honest, reliable advice and be totally confident that we will represent their best interest at all times. We will provide feedback within 24 hours of all viewings and give weekly sale’s progression updates, ensuring that everybody is kept fully informed.

Listening to buyers

We endeavour to find out more that just how much people have to spend, where they want to live, how many bedrooms etc. We ask questions outside of the box to find out where buyers may be prepared to compromise and discover the difference between needs and wants. We call our buyers before the properties go online, generating a sense of urgency and giving our buyers a head start. Of course we wouldn’t agree a sale until the property has been fully marketed to ensure we have done our utmost to secure the best price.


We are located in a prime position in the centre of the high street and subsequently benefit from a steady flow of walk in applicants. We have a particularly inviting office with leather sofas, coffee machine and very friendly staff eager to help!


We use professional photography and floorplans for every property at no additional cost and employ GD Impact for this service. The quality of photographs is more relevant than ever, given that the majority of enquiries are generated from online advertising on the property portals. We subscribe to rightmove premium package allowing us to feature properties at the top of a page and we also cover the cost of premium listing which produces a larger ad on rightmove. The combination of these two additions generates approximately 30-40% more clicks, which in turn leads to more enquiries. We are also utilising social media websites, primarily facebook and Instagram to increase exposure and are finding this to be a great addition to the other websites. We create You Tube videos for every property, which is edited by a professional.