Flint Sellers Guide

An accurate valuation should be the aim, to assist you with your calculations. Valuations vary enormously which is naturally confusing, and doesn’t make it easy when choosing an agent. An Energy Performance Certificate must be acquired before the property can be marketed. At Flint & Co we will arrange this for you if required.
Be sure to choose an agent who can communicate well. If they can’t with you, the chances are, they won’t with others – and this is an industry based on good relationships. The agent should present their details beautifully as many prospective buyers dismiss a property on the web, simply on the photographic evidence. Check out their marketing strategy.
Selecting an agent
This may seem premature, but it is very helpful if the solicitor has prepared paperwork and obtained necessary title deeds before the process commences. We are happy to recommend solicitors if required.
Instruct a solicitor
Make sure that the rooms are as uncluttered as possible – this really does make a difference. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in freshening up a tired room.

Our professional photographers will send through a check list the day before taking the photographs and preparing the floor plans. This will give you a chance to present your home in the most photogenic way.
Preparing your property
Flint & Co ensure your property will be given superb exposure on the leading property portals. Our details are designed to attract attention; whether on the web, in the window or in the local magazines and papers. Our staff actively market your property over the telephone, which is a dying trend but a method we actively uphold.
We accompany all viewings, which gives us the opportunity of using our expertise to really ‘sell’ your property and highlight its key features. It also means we can give really accurate feedback, always within 24 hours. We will often show property outside of normal office hours.
Accompanied viewings
As soon as an offer has been made, we will call immediately and put the offer in writing, again within 24 hours. We will qualify the buyer, as best we can, in terms of their buying position (anything to sell or not) and their financial status.
Receiving an offer
Once an offer has been agreed, we will send out a Memorandum of Sale, to you, your solicitor, the buyer and the buyer’s solicitor. Your solicitor will prepare a draft contract and send it to the buyer’s solicitor, who will then raise necessary enquiries. We will advise and negotiate on your behalf throughout this process and liaise with solicitors where necessary. Nothing is binding until contracts have been exchanged.
offer agreed
Contracts exchange when: the buyer’s solicitor is satisfied with responses to enquiries, funds are in place (which also means a mortgage offer in writing if being acquired), evidence of satisfactory title, local searches obtained and completion date agreed. A cleared deposit (usually between 5-10%) is transferred to your solicitor’s account.
Exchange contracts
Completion takes place once the balance is transferred from the buyer’s solicitor into your solicitor’s account and it is confirmed that the funds are cleared. Only at this time can the keys be released to the buyer.

That’s it!!