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Flint Buyer's Guide

Research your mortgage and have this agreed in principle before commencing your search. This saves wasting time and more importantly places you in a commanding negotiating position .

When registering with us, we will ask specific questions regarding your search and do our best to show you the most suitable properties. Our negotiators will endeavour to reach you by phone, email or SMS, and promise not to bombard your inbox with unnecessary property alerts.
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If a property appeals, view early! A prompt response could put you at the top of the list. We will accompany all viewings and do our best to answer any questions and give sound advice where required.

We will put forward your offer to the vendor (seller), both verbally and in writing, ensuring transparency at all times. If you can demonstrate that your finances are in place and your mortgage, in principle has been approved, it will place you in a superior position.

When a price has been agreed, you will need to instruct a solicitor who specialises in conveyancing . It is not essential for the firm to be local to the area. More importantly, they are expert at what they do, rather than where they practice. Our staff are natural communicators and will actively market your property over the telephone.

We will prepare and send out a Memorandum of Sale to all parties confirming the agreed price and any conditions of the sale. If a mortgage is required, you must instruct your mortgage broker now to proceed with your application.

Your solicitor will: raise enquiries on receipt of the draft contract from the vendor’s solicitor, apply for local searches and assess information within the vendor’s Home Information Pack. During this process, we will assist with any hiccups along the way and always be at the end of the telephone.

A valuation survey will be instructed on behalf of the lender to ensure the value of the property stacks up and also to identify any major structural problems. Additional surveys can be carried out if preferred. Once the mortgage valuation has been approved, and all paperwork is in order, a formal mortgage offer will be issued and sent to both you and your solicitor.

Once both solicitors are satisfied with all enquiries, and the mortgage offer is in place, a completion date is set and contracts are signed by both parties. The agreed deposit (in cleared funds) is then lodged with the vendor’s solicitor.

Completion occurs when the balance of payment is transferred from your solicitor to the vendor’s solicitor’s account. At this point, keys can be released and the property is now yours!